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You choose to immigrate to Canada because you want to improve your lifestyle. It is not an easy decision, but once you make that decision, you also want to make sure you succeed in obtaining your goal. There are a complex set of manuals and guidelines put out by the Government of Canada, which are frequently revised. Your file would be assessed against these rules by an employee of the Government who has discretionary powers. The rules are applied subjectively. In such an environment, a well laid out case ensures success and engaging a good consultant would accomplish this.

Eventhough the government does allow you to send in your application directly, here's what the government of Canada says about the process "When lawyers and consultants present their clients' cases in a clear and concise manner, processing is expedited and simplified" - (Canadian Embassy, Moscow, "Guidelines For Representatives" - October 28, 1996). Check if you qualify.


CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) cannot recommend representatives or vouch for their honesty or skills. It is your responsibility to make sure that the representative you choose is ethical and competent to perform the services required. You should not be afraid to ask the representative for references or for other proof that he or she has the necessary skills.

Beware of representatives who claim that you will get a visa, obtain citizenship or benefit from special treatment from the Canadian government by using their services....

Be cautious when dealing with foreign-based representatives. Such companies or individuals may be outside the reach of Canadian law, and there may be no protection or remedy available in Canada to a dissatisfied client. .

Immigration consultants are not regulated by either the federal or provincial governments of Canada.




We would like to state here our success rate over the years has been over 99%

Our team of Canadian immigration professionals will represent you with the Canadian Government and will successfully represent your case

If the file still gets rejected, we would REFUND 100% of our consultation fee


We are committed to our clients and we stand behind our services. Once you decide to engage us, and if we agree to represent you, we would send you a contract, which guarantees our services with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All fees paid to Polar Consultants will be refunded if the application is not successful. . Check if you qualify.


Canada is known as a prosperous and strong nation valued for its stability, diversity and democratic institutions.

Besides being a land of immense natural beauty, Canada is a land of unlimited opportunities. With a vast land mass and abundance of natural resources, Canada has prospered to the point to be deemed the “Best country to live in the world” by the United Nations consecutively for the past six years. In a recent international survey of 118 cities, three Canadian cities were ranked in the top ten for quality of living.


The national capital of Canada is Ottawa. Canada has 10 provinces and 2 territories. Central Canada is made up of Ontario and Quebec. About one-third of all Canadians live in Ontario. Canada has two official languages - English and French. The Canadian economy is among the world’s soundest. With abundant natural resources, stable supply of oil and gas and easy access to high technology, Canada has shaped up as one of the leading economies today. Fully integrated into the global system, Canada is the eighth-largest trading nation among the industrialized market economies and an active partner in international investment. Among theG-7 countries - the richest economies in the world - Canada’s per capita purchasing power is second only to the United States. Check if you qualify.


Inspite of being one of the largest countries in the world, Canada has a highly inadequate population of only 30 million people. It ranks 28th in population size with a population density of approximately 3 persons per square kilometre! Being highly industrialised, Canada has an unemployment rate of less that 7% and a reasonable cost of living. Therefore, Canadian Immigration policy is open for people from all parts of the world provided they meet the requirements set by the Canadian Immigration Authorities. Admission to Canada is governed by Canadian Immigration Act and Immigration Regulations.

Canada is the only country today with solid, fair, liberal and well formulated immigration policies. In Canada, there is no quota based immigration policy based on either nationality or occupation. For these reasons and others, Canada is the “Destination of choice for most of the world’s immigrants”. Known as the “Land of Immigrants”, Canada has prospered by welcoming and encouraging ambitious individuals from all corners of the world to make Canada their home and share in the country’s growth. Living and working conditions in Canada, are comparable to the best in the western world.


Applying for a job in Canada while you are still in India serves no purpose. Canadian companies generally only interview landed immigrants or Canadian citizens. Companies contact candidates by either phone or mail and in most cases do not contact people residing outside North America. The Canadian High Commissions around the world issue Immigrant Visas after careful scrutiny of the age, education, personal attributes, communication skills and the demand of occupation of the applicant in Canada. After the applicant lands in Canada, the Canadian Employment Centres operated by the Government of Canada offers complete assistance to the landed immigrant to locate a job and establish residence. Check if you qualify.


A person who has been granted formal status through the process of landing upon approval of immigration application is considered a Permanent resident of Canada. In other words, Landed Immigrants are called Permanent Residents. As a Permanent Resident of Canada you are entitled to all rights as a Canadian Citizen except the right to vote. A Permanent Resident can live or work anywhere in Canada, can become a Canadian Citizen after living in Canada for three years(cumulative period), can purchase/sell property in Canada, can own or operate a business in Canada, can visit many countries of the world without visa requirements, is entitled to all benefits from social programs like free medical, free schooling up to grade 12, subsidized university education, unemployment insurance, child allowance etc. Under the new Immigration Act, Permanent residents may be outside of Canada for three years every five-year period. This allows permanent residents and accompanying family members to be absent from Canada for longer periods of time without the risk of losing their status. Check if you qualify.


In order to select independent immigrants, Canada has created selection criteria and identified occupations in which prospective applicants can be admitted to Canada. Applicants who have the required skills, education, training & experience as per Canadian standards in the identified occupations may qualify to immigrate provided they meet the selection criteria set by Canadian Immigration Authorities. This selection criterion is uniform for all prospective immigrants wishing to immigrate to Canada from all over the world. At present there are approximately 1000 occupations in which qualified and experienced applicants can immigrate to Canada with their families.Qualified and experienced people in these occupations are selected on the basis of many factors such as Education, Language(English/French), Work Experience, Age, Arranged Employment, Adaptability etc. The application is assessed on the basis of above listed factors and an applicant should score 67 units of assessment in order to qualify for immigration. Applicants are also required to clear background & security checks, clear medical examination, meet financial requirements, establish proof of relationship with relatives in Canada and demonstrate ability of being successful in Canada. Ability to speak read and write English/French is also essential. Applicants who have close relatives in Canada such as parents, grandparents, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece get bonus points for their relative being in Canada provided the relative is a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizens.