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Professional Qualification




New immigrants finding a job, especially in their own profession, could be a dream come true. But, in Canada to obtain the job you are specialized at will take some time, since the government to protect public health and safety regulates about 20 percent of jobs. For example, nurses, dentist, engineers, teachers, pharmacist and lawyers all work in regulated professions. As such if you fall in the regulated criteria you will need to get a license from the regulatory body in the province in which you live. Rules for entering professions also differ from province to province. Some of the non-regulated jobs can also be noted here.

Follow the links to learn more on professional certifications for individual professions. Mark this page! This page will be updated and expanded on a regular basis.

  • Physiotherapists!
  • Engineers!
  • Technicians and Technologists!
  • Accountants!
  • Pilots!
  • Social Workers!
  • Teachers(Regulated)
  • Civil Engineers
  • Dentists/Dental Surgeons(Regulated)
  • Journalist(Not Regulated)
  • Pharmacist(Regulated)
  • Lawyers(Regulated)
  • Nurse